Transitional Living Community (TLC)

The BCS Transitional Living Community (TLC), a 40-bed section of the Brooklyn Women's Shelter in East New York, Brooklyn, was established in 1989. TLC provides homeless, low-income, mentally ill women with temporary shelter and assistance to secure permanent housing.

TLC recruits its clients from the general shelter population. Staff conduct comprehensive assessments to identify women with severe and persistent mental illness, who are usually diagnosed with psychosis, major depression or manic-depressive illness. Women are helped to practice the skills they will need to live successfully outside the shelter system.

Through private funding, TLC staff and residents transformed a formerly derelict vacant lot into a flower and vegetable garden. The community garden has become residents' preferred setting for many of TLC's group activities. For TLC residents, tending the garden, or simply spending time there, is healthy and highly therapeutic. Last year TLC served 142 women; 61 were able to transition to permanent housing.


Transitional Living Community
116 Williams Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11207
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