Our Vision

BCS envisions ONE Brooklyn Community, where all members of our community can access an excellent education, job opportunities, safe and affordable housing, and quality and affordable health care and wellness programs.

Our Mission

BCS celebrates the strength of the human spirit.  Our mission is to empower at-risk children,  youth and families, and adults with mental illness or developmental disabilities to overcome the obstacles they face, as we strive to ensure opportunity for all to learn, grow and contribute to ONE Brooklyn Community.

To achieve this mission, we offer comprehensive and holistic services, including:

  • Early childhood education
  • Youth development services and educationally-rich after-school programs
  • Counseling for at-risk families
  • Treatment, recovery and job training to support the life goals of adults living with mental illness
  • Person-centered rehabilitation/community living support for adults with developmental disabilities
  • Disaster recovery case management and relief services
BCS seeks to increase public awareness of the impacts of poverty on individuals and the community at-large.  In concert with our consumers and the neighborhoods we serve, we advocate their cause toward our shared vision of ONE Brooklyn Community.